I provide build and repair services for different levels of construction. I am diverse in my skills with a solid background of construction work since high school. I have worked progressively through promotions throughout my adult life in a refractory industry; From Labor to Labor Foreman to Certified Welder on to project management. Through all those years I have expanded my skills to carpentry, masonry and beginning plumbing. My ability to problem solve, troubleshoot, and grasp new information has excelled me to an advanced level of skill and knowledge.



I have had the great opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility through dealing with city officials, homeowner associations and property managers for approval on projects and regulations. 


We strive to do our part for the community, and that is where the Veteran Athlete Foundation came about. Cota Ventures and Military Mind have come together to progress the foundation that helps veterans transition from combat life to civilian life by providing them the event or supplies they need to continue their athletic venture. 




60 foot custom fit iron gate with 2 gates and 7 curves.

60 foot custom fit iron gate with 2 gates and 7 curves.